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Raycap - Strikesorb

Product Features

  • No Maintenance
  • Easy Installation
  • Integrates Into Virtually Any Application
  • Long Life - Will Last Through Thousands of Surge Events
  • Extend The Lifetime of Your Electrical Systems
  • Max Surge Current: 60k Amp, 140k Amp, 200k Amp (Based on Model)
  • 10 Year Warranty
Strikesorb 30 Strikesorb 30-DRM
Strikesorb 40 Strikesorb 80

Protect Your Critical Applications From Transient Voltages, Lightening Strikes and All Other Dangerous Surge Events With Strikesorb Surge Suppression Modules By Raycap
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Strikesorb Busbar Assemblies

Order your Strikesorb Surge Protection Device On A Pre Assembled Busbar Featuring The Strikesorb 30,40, or 80.
Available Voltages:
60V, 120V, 240V, 277V, 400V, 480V, 600V, 1000V


Order your Strikesorb Surge Suppression Device Built Up Complete In A Fully Listed UL1449 Rayvoss Package With Options Including Surge Counter And More.
Available Voltages:
60V, 120V, 240V, 277V, 400V, 480V, 600V, 1000V

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Use the form below to give us information about your application. We will quote an assembled bus bar configuration based on the info provided. If you have any other needs please call or use our quote request form here.

Select Strikesorb Model:

Strikesorb 30

Max Surge Current: 60k Amps

Strikesorb 40

Max Surge Current: 140k Amps

Strikesorb 80

Max Surge Current: 200k Amps
Select Service Voltage:

208V Wye

240V Delta

480V Delta

480V Wye

Other Voltage: