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Aqua Management

Bring Your Pumping Applications To The Cloud!

Take Control!

Power And Control, Inc. has teamed up with AMI to bring you the AMI Vapor! The Vapor is a remote controller for your Variable Speed Drive pumping applications. By connecting the Vapor to your drive, we can provide remote connectivity via Cellular connection or direct internet connection. This gives you the ability to remotely stop, start, monitor, adjust speed, and set schedules as well as get alerts via text or e-mail and get reports.

Cloud Connectivity!

Controlling your application from the cloud gives you the ability to be in control 24/7 no matter where you are. You will be able to securely log in to your drive from your laptop, pc, tablet, and phone any time day or night and see how your pump is running, start it up, shut it down, schedule an automatic run time and view recent activities. Our servers can also contact you immediately on your cell phone via text or e-mail if any problems arise.


Schedule run times for your application on the fly. With your online control panel you will have the ability to set and modify schedules to run daily or weekly any time you need.